Beyond the traditional cultivation fashions of #TRIPURA, a young man in #Agartala has successfully cultivated GREEN APPLES.
Meet Mr. Mitan Sarkar inhabitant of Lal Tila under Bamutia RD Block, West Tripura.
In 2005 after seeing an ad in TV he get the idea of APPLE farming.
In 2006, he purchased some apples from market and he planted 12 seeds but one Seedling grows from those seeds.
That seedling grows up to three feet but the tree is crushed to the ground. Then he thinks that it will not work and he left the hope of farming apples.
But 25 days later seedlings are died. Then he thought that may be his process is not correct.
In 2018 again he thought to cultivate apples, this time he ordered seedlings from online. He tries to learn from online and books and then he changed the earlier process.
Finally he is succeeding in his dream of farming Apples and he set a precedent by successfully cultivating apples in Tripura soil.
He developed the land and farming process after gaining knowledge from internet. And, again he planted 192 seedlings and out of 192 seedlings 173 seedlings produces apples.
The opinion of many is that the environment of Tripura is not suitable for apple cultivation and when he started this work it was close to impossible. But by capitalizing on his self-confidence and hard work, he has made this impossible task possible.

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