SHEBA” (Socio Humanity Expedition And Blooming Association) was founded in 2007 by a group of dedicated social workers and educationists to response the unjust situation of deprived Indian especially women & children belongs to bellow of poverty line. Organization has been gradually prospering and conducting social activities in its operational sectors from the date of its creation and it has gained good public appraisals on its programmes executed with support of social activists, experts, staff observing many social, economic, educational and development problems; and after getting various personnel and volunteers under people’s participatory approach system. Organization programmes are governed by an Executive Committee constituted as per the rules & regulations laid down in the constitution. Members of the Executive Committee are the distinguished citizen of Tripura States from different walks of life and have developed sufficient expertise in execution and management of various programmes. Organization has launched experimental and innovative programmes to fill up the existing gap of need-based services after care full accessing & screening of needs and requirements of the suffering mass. Organization has taken developmental initiatives in planning, designing, execution, implementation and management of various programmes. Steps are on foot to setup/ establish State / District/District/Village level Branches to carry on specific programmes of the Organization and widen the range of service for the deprived population.

Our Motto:


Our Vision:

TO BE the global principal in community and benevolence service.

Our Mission:

To empower volunteers to serve their  communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote social understanding through the “SHEBA” (Socio Humanity Expedition And Blooming Association).

Who We Are…?

SHEBA (Socio Humanity Expedition And Blooming Association) is an NGO that aims to provide people from the country over the opportunity to work in evaluated and credible villages in India. Programs are selected that best match the skills, area of interest, expertise, and time availability of the individual, with a view to strengthen and add value to the ongoing work of India’s social development sector.

What We Do…?

SHEBA (Socio Humanity Expedition And Blooming Association) vision is to be the global principal in community and benevolence service and influence positive social change. The mission of “SHEBA” is to empower volunteers to serve their  communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote social understanding through the “SHEBA” and aiming to bridge the distance between people by providing opportunities to individuals to influence positive social change through an exchange of ideas, knowledge, skills and learning by facilitating volunteering in India‘s social development sector’. Volunteering was already happening, but, more could be done to benefit both the volunteer as well as the society. “SHEBA” acts as a facilitator between society and volunteers, who come from diverse educational and professional backgrounds, by providing them the right match to utilize their skills in the best possible manner to the beneficiary’s advantage. “SHEBA” works at the grassroots level on a variety of social issues like education, health, equal rights, environment, social interaction and rural development and has already positively impacted the lives of hundreds of people living in socially deprived circumstances. Many women have been helped by programs defending equal rights, many children of all ages have had chances to develop through literacy programs and other educational activities, many lives have been improved by well-developed health and awareness programs… Our ongoing investment in our volunteering program will enable us to effectively and positively keep on impacting the lives of many of India’s most disadvantaged people.