A lot of thought, advice and guidance must have gone into your choice of a carrier-be it, Medicine, Engineering, Computers, or any other related discipline. That was just the first step in concretizing your life time, ambition, what remains to be done is detailed planning, hard work, disciplined and above all, perseverance in achieving your target. And it is no easy task,-believe me.
Having chosen your goal, you must take one step at a time. You must to begin with possess the grit and the determination to see it through at all costs. This calls for consistency as well as introspection. You must asses your strengths as well as weaknesses. Your assets and liabilities, your plus and minus points. What would in the ultimate analysis impel you to move closer to your goal? Equally important what would or is likely to-hold you back. In short what are the road blocks in your way and how best you can over come them? This would require on objective and impartial self-examination. Do shy way from it. If you do so you do it at your own peril.
Once this fair and objective assessment, of your true self and worth has been arrived at, you must apply your self diligently and focus all your energies on removing your weak spots and reinforce your strong points. This is an important and vital next step that will definitely take you closer to relishing cherished ambition.
Be consistent and unwavering in efforts. Let nothing-and no one distract you in your formative years as you climb, this rung of the success ladder for one false step, one wrong move will hurtle you downwards and negate all your efforts towards the realization of your ambition. Fun and good times can wait, you will have plenty of times and opportunities to indulge yourself in what seemingly take you away from your goal at the given moment. Seize the moment and make the best of it. For here in lies the true test of your grit and integrity.
The “Sarada Maa” says-“Think of your work, when it is done, not before, not after.”
With best wishes.