Force, energy, strength, might, influence.
The many faces of power. The English dictionary has several meaning for power.

a)      The state or property of being strong.
b)      The ability to resist attack.
c)      The resilience to stress.
d)     The ability to do something.
e)      The capacity to influence people.
And so on…
However, the most telling interpretation of power is: a position of control, which explains to some extent, why power remains one of the most sought after goals in life. Great strength confidence and courage are vital elements of power at its best.
Sometimes, power takes the forms of aggression, sometimes diplomacy, but at all times powerful people believe in themselves and the rightness of their goals. They prove that they are in control of their destiny and are the architects of their lives.
At a very basic level, every individual exerts a certain degree of personal power. A child for, instance expresses his power over his parents through the emotional hold he or she has over them. Parents in turn seek to control the lives of their children by laying down rules of conduct in order to prevent them from doing wrong. Teachers wield power of a different kind, their influence often spilling over, onto many facts of their students lives. The best teachers in the world are those who dominate without obvious efforts who mould the lives of their students through examples. The greatest athletes are defender of the land have always demonstrated extraordinary power, the letter frequently being compelled to use violence to meet their goals.
However, truly empowered persons do not need to resort to violence. They have the creatively and the power to transform negative situations into positive ones. Like Mahatma Gandhi, whose aim in life was to being order out of confusion and lasting peace out of conflict?
Powerful people always take responsibility for their actions, thus making themselves in the driver’s seat. So that they can determine the roads they will travel to reach their destination. Power alone however, cannot guarantee victory. Truly powerful individuals have the power and the vision to actualize their demands. They know that in order to be successful, one has to have clear goals. That one has to develop the willpower to concentrate on those goals. And find ways of reaching there, persisting right through, no matter what.