What does it mean to state that humanity is expanding beyond comprehension? How does that affect your day-to-day life while you participate in creating the reality you call your world?
Since every aspect of your conscious existence is experienced through your perception (all of your senses) and it is that comprehension creating your next experience, it follows that what you will encounter in the next moment is based upon your perception in this moment. What if you detected an event in your life (or a person or thing) that you had never conceived of before? How would that life-changing experience affect you?
You can probably answer that question by thinking of the unexpected changes that occur in your life from time to time. Most likely you believe you have some modicum of control over your life (or at least you hope you do). Then, unbeknownst to you, seemingly out of the blue, something happens that alters the flow of life's habitual patterning. Do you flow with it? Do you resist it?
I would hazard a guess that it is probably a bit of both ~ at least that is what you would like to believe ~ that you are able to flow and move with the changes life throws at you. And, yet, it is not "life" that is creating the new development(s). It is you ~ through your beliefs, habits and patterns and their manifestation as your frequency. Your vibration "informs" the dimension in which you are living. The influence of the information alerts the Divine Hologram and it responds with similar information flowing back to you. You are a transmitter and a receiver, simultaneously.
Do you believe that this applies to only you? Could it also apply to the universe, meta-verses, omniverse? Could all that is be informing areas and dimensions in ways unknown? Of course ~ you really cannot limit this informational flow to planet earth, human beings and this solar system.
So, now back to expanding beyond comprehension ~ as a mass consciousness, humanity more or less has a sort of jumbled idea about its future. That is why riots, changes in weather patterns and coronal mass ejections put everyone on edge. These chaotic occurrences do not fit into the tidy mind frame of the individual idea about how the future should look. And, despite cultures or religions, most people will agree on a few basic tenets about how life would be pleasant to live.
Here we come to expansion: imagine a balloon being blown up. As the air fills the balloon, it expands in every direction at one time. That is how you learn, evolve, grow and expand ~ like a balloon. There is no true linear time. It is a dimension, also. You are expanding in all directions, timelessly, infinitely and continually. How you are unfolding may or may not be known to you dependent upon how consciously aware you are of your own existence. Yet, expand you must.
The dimension in which human beings live is also expanding ~ in all directions, infinitely. As it continuously emerges from within itself, it is also being informed and informing. Yet, since the holographic aspect of this dimension is neutral, it doesn't have a perception about how it should be expanding. It simply does what comes naturally to it. All of creation is constantly in motion.
This is where the expansion beyond comprehension comes in: Since humanity lives within its mass consciousness (similar to group mind), it is the masses that are informing the Divine Hologram and the information flowing from the masses is not what one would believe. Why? Because the Angelic Humans are awakening their encoded messages amplifying the frequency of the information that is flowing into the Hologram which, as explained above, can only respond in like kind.
While the "man on the street" goes about his/her business, the group mind (the consciousness of humanity as a species) is impacted by every thought, feeling and action of every human being. The consensus within the mass consciousness forms the basis for the general aspects of life in this plane, i.e. blue sky, green grass, etc. Within the global consensus are the group minds of particular religions, countries, governments and such, as well. All of this dynamic activity informs the Divine Hologram while accepting reception of information within the Hologram to the degree the person is able through expansion of his/her consciousness at the moment of reception.
Imagine a crystal goblet manufactured so as to resonate with the tone of C major. If you hit a tuning fork tuned to C major in the same environment in which the goblet stands, the frequency waves will break the goblet because its form contains all of the information it can contain as the goblet form. The additional information flowing in destroys its static form and while it may look like a mess of broken crystal, it has simply changed form through frequency information.
The Angelic Human frequencies are intensifying the informational flow into the world order to the degree that you are seeing the chaos that is happening all around you. This chaos is actually the multi-dimensional information flowing into this plane. Hence, it is the function of the Angelic Humans to access this information while extending the "boundaries" of the present space/time system so as to accommodate its flow.
While some cultures, governments and religions relatively couch the present chaos as bad or evil dependent upon its personal agenda, it is simply additional information entering this dimension. The energy is neutral until significance is placed upon it. It then begins to mean something different to each participant.
Since the inflow of the current information is altering the belief systems and lives of everyone in this planet, the human DNA is transformed as well. "As above, so below". This informational flow is not going to stop or diminish. It is going to continue and increase and its content is outside of the present frame of reference of the mass
consciousness. Opening all of the portals of this plane to increase the "space" for its reception is the invitation to humanity ~ FROM ITSELF!

If you have understood even a portion of this information, then you can feel the time at hand. The encoded message that lies dormant within your encoded DNA lays waiting for you to simply acquiesce to its unfolding. What holds you back? What stops you from accessing your Divine message for this trans-mutational paradigm? Are you ready to say "Yes" to your Angelic Human commission?