Chabimura or Chobimura ( Devtamura) is famous for its panels of rock carving on steep mountain wall on the bank of river Gomti in Indian state Tripura. Devtamura (or Devtamura) is a hill range in South Tripura district of Tripura, India. It is known for an archaeological site of rock sculptures, a panel of carved images, on the bank of Gomati River. It is situated on the bank of Gomati River at Amarpur subdivision under Gomati district, 82 km away from main city and capital Agartala, Tripura, India, 30 km away from Udaipur and 7.5 km away from Amarpur. The stone images are reported to mark the revival of Brahmanism during the 15/16th century when influence Buddhism waned in India. The purpose of the carvings and the artists who carved them are unknown. The statues are carved on the steep sloping rock exposures of the Kalajhari Hills which drains into the Gomti River. There are in all 37 rocks cut images of Shiva, Vishnu, Kartika, Mahisasura Martini Durga and other Gods and Goddesses. The biggest idol of Maa Durga in rock carvings is about 20 feet high. Beautiful images are curved with a lot of dexterity on the rocky faces of Devtamura which is steep at 90 degrees. The hill ranges are covered with thick jungles and one can reach this abode of gods only after trekking through these jungles.

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