After the treaty of Yandabo in 1926 when the Burmese invaders had been evicted from Assam. The British incorporated Assam in their empire in India. Assam now becomes part of Bengal Presidency and a commissioner for Assam division was located at Guwahati.

After that there was a growing demand for Assam being made a separate province to preserve Assamese Language and Culture; moreover, it was found that the inclusion of Assam in Bengal had made the Bengal Presidency unwieldy. Therefore, it was decided to make Assam a separate province.

Lord North Brook was the First British Viceroy to visit Assam in 1874. He came up by steamer from Kolkata, the then capital of India, and landed at this site on 27th August 1874. This gate was constructed to commemorate his visit. This gate is now popularly known as “GATEWAY OF ASSAM”.