Assam State Museum in Guwahati is one of the greatest multipurpose historical centers in the entire northeast showing the iconography, numismatics, epigraphy and archaeology in Assam. It is arranged in the heart of the Guwahati city at the southern end of Dighalipukhuri. The gallery shows a substantial gathering from the memorable and ancient time and is worked by the Legislature of Assam. It has an extensive gathering of models, with the upper floors being given to the enlightening society showcases of the tribal.

There is likewise a small Cottage industry museum situated inside the premises of the Assam State Museum, which falls under the administration of the Industrial Department of Assam. The cotton industry museum displays colorful items from the indigenous craft and art and Satriya culture.

The Assam state Museum fills in as the wellspring of the historical backdrop of Assam, it protects the rich social legacy of Assam as well as of the whole seven Northeastern states. The tribal materials and articles that are shown inside the gallery, delineates the way of life of the tribal individuals. The uncommon and astounding examples of the Ahom tradition who governed over Assam for quite a long while are very much safeguarded and are the most vital accumulations of the historical center.

Statues, types of gear and shifted articles are kept in show at the historical center which again depicts the rich Assamese culture and legacy. Ringer metal items, essence, earthenware, ivory works of art, tribal articles, stone figures ensembles of prior circumstances, woodwork are likewise a portion of the vital things that are protected in the historical center. The stone figures go back to the thousands years of age. The arms, weapons, ammo of shifted sorts outfits of sovereignty, utensils identifying with Assamese culture and those that were utilized amid Ahom lead are still very much safeguarded and showed in the Assam state Museum. There are copper plate engravings, metal model canvases, stone and old coins likewise protected in the historical center. The Assam State Museum additionally has a library that was set up in 1985; the library has an accumulation of different books, periodicals and diaries identifying with culture, craftsmanship, mythology, comprehensive work, the Asiatic Culture diaries, life story and parcels more.      

The bank has likewise extremely very much protected the gathering of works of art of the deep rooted delineated original copies of Sanchi Bark and has additionally the refinement of saving the uncommon and extraordinary landmarks of World War II. There are some remade tribal hovels inside the premises of the Assam state museum and one can likewise go out for a stroll through these homes and look at the structures. It likewise has a show of melodic instruments and weaving in the historical center.