Mawlynnong or ‘Gods own garden' peruses a basic metal board on the edge of a bend as we drive through serpentine streets of East Khasi slopes. Up and down my drive, wonderfully laid sweepers made out from a privately developed delicate grass and some glad countenances conveying this heap on their backs can be spotted. Tall trees on the sides, hearty scent, extremely valuable quiet, emerald green fields bordered by Pine trees and nothingness of the scene; all appeared to be so fit for a prologue to Mawlynnong charged as the Asia's cleanest village.

Characteristic marvels like this “balancing rock” and “shark’s jaw” (a boulder balancing on another rock) await the discerning traveler. The town has number of little tea shops, where you can savor some hot tea. The main spot to stay at Mawlynnong town is the Mawlynnong Rest House. These are two customarily assembled cabins which are accessible for staying at the town. There is one small cottage which can be shared by 2 people and one bigger cottage for accommodation of 4 people. The rooms are good with western styled bathrooms. Local dishes of lesser variety are available for the tourists.