One man who'll dependably be associated with making Mahalaya huge to every last one is Birendra Krishna Bhadra, the mysterious voice behind the “Mahisasura Mardini.” The unbelievable storyteller recounts the sacred verses and recounts the plummet's account of Durga to earth, in his matchless style. 
Bhadra has since quite a while ago passed away, however his recorded voice still structures the center of the Mahalaya program. In a resonating, resounding voice Birendra Bhadra renders the Mahalaya presentation for two exciting hours, hypnotizing each family unit with the celestial air of his portrayal, as the Bengalis submerge their souls in calm snippets of supplication to God.

Mahisasura Mardini” is a momentous bit of sound dramatization supreme in Indian society. In spite of the fact that the topic is legendary and the mantras Vedic, this project is a milestone structure. It's scripted by Bani Kumar, and described by Bhadra. The charming music is created by none other than the undying Pankaj Mullick, and the melodies are rendered by well known vocalists of yesteryears, including Hemant Kumar and Arati Mukherjee.
As the presentation starts, the peaceful morning air resounds with the long drawn sound of the hallowed conch shell, instantly took after by a theme of conjuring, musically setting the stage for the recitation of the Chandi Mantra.