How I wish I could be six or seven or eight years old, I miss my childhood dearly. Those are the days where one can be themselves no matter what people think about you; mostly they wouldn’t bother you much as we do not fall into their radar.
You know what I miss most about being a kid? Laughing at the top of my lungs, running without any inhibitions, falling without embarrassment, eating anything I wanted, having meals ready on the table without me having to think about it, digging grass and hunting for bugs and worms, collecting marbles and shells by the shore, getting pampered when I fell sick, mom's fingers running through my hair to put me to sleep, waking up excited about a new day, exploring just about anything, having fights for many petty things and not worrying about wearing a white tee-shirt and getting soaked, fighting over a toy, chair, TV and then getting bored of it and sharing cookies, loving going to school (that am not sure about, because I used to detest going) using my imagination, thinking love was a funny word more than ‘funny’ something which can’t be uttered as it is supposed to be sinful and not being afraid of anything in life!