As the sun sinks low, i’m leavin’ for home
and the mountains stretch their shadows accross the plains.
the worries of the day, now just fade away,
as the evening breeze brings the smell of summer rain.

Before the night comes on, after the day is done.
you know my favorite time, is just before the evening,
that’s when i think of you, and all that we can do,
oh-oh, the time i love, is just before the evening.

As the twilight comes stealin’, it’s always the same feelin’
watchin the daylight fade into the west.
i can hear the nighthawks cry, as another day slips slowly by,
evenin’ day is the time that i love best.

So the stars will show their faces, shining down on open spaces,
each one farther than my eyes can see….
it’s all unfolding in front of me…….

Artist: Leftover Salmon lyrics