On next 20th November 2013, SUBHO MONGOLACHORN of My Little Sister Sarbani and on 28th November 2013 is her Marriage ceremony. On this special eve I want to dedicate this poem to my sister!

My Sister Has Always Been In My Life
Right From The Start
Now She’s About To Become Subimal’s Wife

Having A Sister Is The Best Thing In The Ever
We Can Never Be Broken Apart, No Never
Having A Sister Is Not Just A Trend

Because I Know She Is My Bestest Freind
Sometimes We May Get Mad
Or Begin To Fight

But That’s The Fun Part About Having A Sister
We Both Think That We’re Always Right
Now You Are Getting Married

You’re Life Will Soon Be Complete
But I Will Still Come To You
Whenever I Feel Defeat

But Here’s My Chance
To Thank You For All You’ve Done
Because In My Book

You’ll Always Be Number One
To Me You Are An Angel In Disguise

You Are Happy, Intelligent And Wise
If I Had One Wish It Would Surely Be
To Give As Much To You As You’ve Given To Me

Thank You, My Sister, My Freind
My Thanks To You Has No End
Through Our Ups And Downs

This Much Is True:
You’re A Sister, My Sister
And I Will Always Love You!