Have you ever considered what life would be like if you could overcome your limitations?

Essentially, there are three things that truly inhibit man’s potential to succeed and grow beyond himself...

Obviously, death would be the first problem in humanity. Statistics show that approximately 150,000 people die everyday. The annual death rate is 56 million. Logically, that is an economic waste. Bostrom explains that, if one person equaled one book, we would lose three Libraries of Congress every year. One Library of Congress contains 18,000 books. Think about the knowledge and wisdom that leaves us every second of every day.

Existential risk is the probability of humankind surviving the 21st century. Out of four studies, the consensus is that humanity is only 50 percent likely to survive the 21st century. However, these figures should be taken with a huge grain of salt, because of large variable factors and lack of evidence to support any claims. Regardless, it seems that some scholars do not think that humanity has a great chance of surviving extinction within the 21st century.
However, if humanity can survive to live thousands of years more, the chance of us discovering something astronomical is likely. Perhaps humanity can begin to colonize on different galaxies. Perhaps humanity can grow itself to adapt to other faculties, senses or abilities.

The last problem, and the most subtle, is life itself. Most people experience moments of clarity, beauty, love and other types of euphoria moments. Of course, life is never as wonderful as it can be at moments. This leaves many people feeling empty, lost and other types of negative emotions. However, suppose there were a way to fix the negative things in life. Human nature would be its own utopia. Most people would assume wealthy lifestyles and long life to be perfect, but what about enhanced knowledge? What about unlimited opportunity and growth? What about moral, spiritual and intellectual development? The only thing that can bring this is change within human nature.
Of course, as of now, the only way to change human nature is through the use of low-quality enhancers, such as mood enhancers, prosthetics, and other types of enhancements. Maybe in the future, better quality enhancers will be invented that will make the enhancers today obsolete.